Thursday, January 18, 2007

i have this great digital camera (a very generous graduation present from the grandfolks) and i used the hell out of it in spain and england this summer and have hardly touched it since. i feel like i should add "take more pictures" to my list of 26+ but i'd rather cut the list down to (gasp!) 26 items. the theory behind the list is that it be specific and manageable, encouraging as opposed to overwhelming.

i asked my juniors to make similar lists over the winter break. i explained the theory, i showed them a few choice examples from my own list, i instructed them to be specific.

i've been blog browsing and went from here to here to here and thus got inspired to take nice photos.

also, in my nonchalant, day-off fashion, i found these neat-o sites to share:

pretty prints and pricey pals

i'm addicted to organization. this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

i've started a couple of posts about books i've recently read and i'll try to incorporate talk of pedagogy (as in the pragmatic, day-to-day stuff i think about nonstop) and theory (as in the paper i'm working on which tackles this concept of global citizenship in the comp classroom which i think i inadvertently stole from one of the most intelligent men i know).

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