Thursday, December 14, 2006


that's not on my list of 26+ before 26, but something i'd like to do. in addition to get in shape, i need to dance. even if it's just once a week, even if i can only afford to take one kind of class at a time, i need to do this. i need to gym, i need to yoga, i need to sleep, and hang out with friends, but i also need to dance. i need to put my bare feet on the floor, i need to get the kind of dirty that only a dusty dance floor can provide, i need to sweat and hear loud music and pant and thirst simultaneously. i miss the rush of nailing a routine - and the challenge of failing miserably. i miss things like spotting and and rolling, envisioning my body stretch as i reach toward the ceiling tiles with my fingertips while planting my feet on the floor.

and i want to supplement my studio time with reading about the history of dance. i am an intellectual, afterall.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

i'm back

this is my second attempt at keeping a blog. first things first: i've got a new list and the theory behind it is this: take some time to figure out the things i want to do in life (not need so much as want). set goals, add items as i go, cross them off as i accomplish each goal. ultimately, this is a tool (one that requires the kind of organization i love oh so much) that i hope will help me create a few new (good) habits and kick a few old (less good) habits.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


(this is not a metaphor)