Friday, August 03, 2007


perhaps i tend to underestimate my accomplishments because just when i think i have nothing to report, the following list of general busy-ness flows from my fingertips while sitting here in the glow of my computer screen.

from my list:

vitamins: my nurse practitioner said not to bother plus i’m trying to eat well. as i embark on a new diet (second attempt, same diet) i might take them just in case because there are a number of foods I can’t eat for a few weeks and i’m trying to stave off the headaches i got the first time around. that’s really something i should add to the 26 before 26 list: reach my goal wait and maintain it. more on this after vacation!

save money for car: forget saving new money, I have investments! it looks like i’ll be buying a new rav4 a the end of the month. wahoo!

save money for costa rica: done. i'm off!

book club with christin: christin and i haven’t necessarily been meeting to discuss books, but we are both part of a small informal group of writers (all fellow lmu alums). I haven’t really accomplished anything in this arena other than occasionally showing up and discussing the writing of the other members, but i’m still substituting the writing group for the book club because time is scarce and writing is related to reading and i’m trying to strike items off my list!

what I am currently digging:

girly, pretty things and clean, organized spaces.

felty, buttony hand-crafted arts and crafts. i recently shopped here: etsy ;
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I found such great deals on truly pretty things on this site.

one of my favorite magazines is real simple

i’m continually learning that my style is simplicity, clean lines, and nearly naked surfaces.

what i’ve been reading:

(i’m sorry i don’t have time to review these right now, but i will try to do so next time)

Animal Dreams, Barbara Kingsolver.

every time i read one of her books, i fall more deeply in love with her language and her characters. she writes about issues that matter but not in a pedantic manner.

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, Klosterman

The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd

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