Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i have recently been admonished for my utter lack of posting (by one overly enthusiastic sports enthusiast who writes exclusively about being an overly enthusiastic sports enthusiast who moonlights as a law student - and yes i see the unnecessary repetition in enthusiastic enthusiast) but all snarkiness aside, i have not been a faithful writer, dear friends. i have been up to my neck in essays about helen keller and everyone's favorite foolish double suicide committers, romeo and juliet. seriously. it's not a cute romantic story. why are they the standard to which lovers everywhere compared themselves? SHE STABS HERSELF IN THE HEART, people.

in the last few weeks i have graded, slept little, celebrated being alive for a quarter of a century (holy crap i have fewer than 365 days to complete my 26 before 26 list!), attended the wedding of a dear friend, bought a ticket for costa rica, and begun researching graduate programs in education. in the next few weeks i will chaperone prom, visit my family, and continue to grade some more while anxiously counting the days until the end of the semester. i will miss my dear students but i look forward to the summer despite its scorching temperatures. at least it will only be 100% humidity in costa rica in august. lovely.

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JV said...

It's not even like you can blame a Disney-fied, milquetoast interpretation that misleads an uncultured populace. I think this is dumb teenagers identifying with dumb adolescent impulsiveness (sleeping pills? suicide? street fights and murder?) and thinking it's romantic.

Get a job and a haircut, you yahoos!